Anthony Constantinou talking about – Arsene Wenger launches staunch defence of Arsenal’s Champions League record

Anthony constantinou talking about Arsene Wenger defended Arsenal’s Champions League record on Wednesday night as Barcelona’s Three Amigo’s heaped more European misery on the beleaguered Londoners.

The Gunners put up a valiant effort in the Nou Camp, but still lost 3-1 on the night; Barca’s deadly trio Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar all on the scoresheet.

It means Arsenal have now crashed out of the Champions League in the last 16 for six consecutive seasons after this 5-1 aggregate loss.

There were some encouraging signs for the Gunners, however, as they created a number of chances against Luis Enrique’s star-studded side.

Nevertheless, the Gunners are still counting the cost of another early European exit.

But when asked about his side’s Champions League record, Wenger said: ‘I’ll give you the stats. We have to consider it game by game. You look at the positives and negatives and prepare for the next one.

‘We have gone out against top sides, who went on and won the Champions League after.’Only on one occasion we were completely guilty, against Monaco.’The others were against Bayern and Barcelona twice.’

When asked whether the result could help the Gunners in their attempts to haul back Premier League leaders Leicester, Wenger added: ‘’I think yes, I am pleased with the performance.


‘The quality of our game was good. I felt from the bench at 1-1 they were wobbling a little bit and a bit insecure. We could not take the chance to score the second goal to put us in a strong position.’

Despite his positivity, Wenger couldn’t help but heap praise on Barca, added: ‘We are disappointed with the result but we played a team with the best three strikers I’ve seen.

‘Well done Barca, they are an exceptional side. You must admire art. They have two or three players with the ability to transform normal life into art.’

Meanwhile, Wenger revealed Mathieu Flamini’s 44th minute substitution was down to a hamstring injury.

Flamini looked less than happy about being substituted and watched the second half of the game in the Nou Camp media lounge rather than the dug-out.

But Wenger play-down the flashpoint, saying: ‘I didn’t know where he was. I’m not sure he was allowed on the bench.

‘He was injured. He had treatment after half-time. On a night of great football I wouldn’t say that was the most important thing about the game.’

As yet another English club failed to progress in the ChampionsLeague, Barca boss Enrique commented: ‘It’s true in the last few years English sides are not achieving the results we would foresee.‘I was surprised because I didn’t know Manchester City were in the quarter final. They have potential.

‘England love football. It is something to analyse but it is true it seems difficult for them to keep up the level in European football.’


Anthony Constantinou – Tis the season! Google doodles to celebrate first day of Christmas Holidays 2015

​’Tis the Season is a Christmas collection by American vocalist Vince Gill and Australian artist Olivia Newton-John, discharged in the 2000 Christmas season by Hallmark Entertainment. This is Newton-John’s first Christmas collection, and Gill’s third.

‘Tis the Season is an accumulation of established Christmas melodies and has two part harmonies in the middle of Gill and Newton-John, too solo tunes by the vocalists, and two tunes by extraordinary visitors, The Bradford Singers. The instrumentation was organized by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The collection just had a restricted discharge through Hallmark Cards stores. Because of Billboard 200 standards at time, it didn’t achieve any graph. ‘Tis the Season wasn’t discharged universally, yet Newton-John’s collection tracks were discharged on The Christmas Collection accumulation.

Google has discharged its first doodle commending the start of the Holiday Season. Tis the season! Google Doodle praises the first day of the Christmas Holidays 2015 with papercraft characters and different things that make up the doodle.

The doodle demonstrates a few merry characters alongside things, for example, stars, confections, endowments thus on enlivened by paper cut models and cut outs. The doodle has been outlined by craftsman Robinson Wood. “Google” has been made with characters, for example, a feline for “G” , owl for “O” et cetera.

Much the same as consistently, we can anticipate that Google will reveal another doodle ordinary, implying every day of the happy season. December 23 is viewed as the first day of the Christmas season that is trailed by Christmas and New Year. A year ago, this time around, Google had attempted to typify the fun and skip with kids. The doodle was brilliant and bright with a grinning reindeer and snowflakes. A basic lace with “Google” engraved on it is found in the doodle.

Anthony Constantinou talking about 2015 winter solstice? Everything you need to know about the shortest day of the year.

The December solstice happens at the same moment for every one of us, all over the place on Earth. This year the solstice happens on Tuesday December 22nd at 04:49 GMT (Universal time) with the sun ascending over Stonehenge in Wiltshire at 08:04.

The winter solstice happens each year when the Sun achieves its most southerly declination of – 23.5 degrees. As it were, the point at which the North Pole is tilted uttermost – 23.5 degrees – far from the Sun, conveying the least hours of daylight of the year.

The Sun is straightforwardly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere amid the December solstice and is closer to the skyline than at some other time in the year, which means shorter days and more evenings.

The day after the winter solstice denote the start of stretching days, paving the way to the late spring solstice in June.

In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s inverse. First light comes early, and sunset comes late. The sun is high and the most limited early afternoon shadow of the year happens there. In the Southern Hemisphere, individuals will encounter their longest day.


AnthonyConstantinou is a reliable entrepreneur who is also a specialist in decision making, risk management, and Bayesian methods of artificial intelligence for prediction. Constantinou applied these methods to a large range of applications in the real world for both industrial clients and academic research. These applications include gambling games, medicine, forensics, agriculture, investment decision making, sports betting, and sports prediction.

Currently, Anthony Constantinou is Post-Doctoral Researcher at Queen Mary that is a university based in London. He is studying also at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer science and Risk and Information Management Research Group.

He works on a project named “Effective Bayesian Modeling with Knowledge before Data.” This project involves the enhancement of decision based on evidence for critical decision issues on the real world. The European Research Council is the sponsor of the project. Constantinou works also for Agena Ltd as a P/T Partner Consultant where he works with world-famous professors of university as a consultant in Decision Science.

Together, they use the latest advances from the domain of visualization and artificial intelligence in order to elucidate complex risky issues and enhance processes of decision making.

AnthonyConstantinou and these renowned professors use Bayesian network technology to develop personalized decision backup tools for clients around the world and across many sectors of industry. Since 2010, Constantinou founded a website that offers free football match predictions of English Premier League based on models and algorithms developed during his researches. The website is named


Anthony Constantinou attended The London School of Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London where he was a fellow at Post-Doctoral Research. At that time, he worked on the project sponsored by the NIHR and named “Improving Risk Management in Mental Health Services.” The project involved the use of Bayesian network models in the development of decision backup for risk management and risk assessment of violent conduct in Forensic Psychiatry.

In 2012, Anthony Constantinou completed his Ph.D after the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council awarded him and founded a complete scholarship of three years and half in the United Kingdom. The title of his thesis was “ Bayesian networks for decision making, risk assessment, and prediction in an inefficient Association Football gambling market.”

The school of EECS nominated his thesis for the best British Ph.D/DPhil papers in Computer Science competition of 2013/2014. The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing and British Computer Society manages the competition. During his thesis, Anthony Constantinou was a research member at Queen Mary, University of London, of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and Risk And Information Management Research Group.

Primarily, Professor Norman Fenton supervised his thesis and Professor Martin Neil did it secondary. Constantinou received a scholarship from Impact QM EPSRC during his third year in Ph.D. The purpose of the award was to develop economic impact by improving industrial and academic research in the United Kingdom through collaboration.

Between 2009 and 2013, Anthony Constantinou worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Software Engineering and Theory, Procedural Programming, and Software Risk Assessment. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences from University of Hertfordshire awarded Constantinou a degree of M.Sc with Distinction in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics.


Anthony Constantinou made deep research on A.I. probabilistic methods, principally Bayesian networks for intelligent decision making, management of risk, assessment of risk, and prediction. Anthony Constantinou has deep experience applying these probabilistic techniques in various areas encompassing gaming, sports, preventive medicine, robotics, and economic gambling.

Constantinou worked with prominent professors such as Martin Neil and Norman Fenton to develop a new model of Bayesian network (BN) for forecasting football match results. Up to day, the predictions are published online.

Anthony Constantinou worked with these professors during his studies with the research group of risk and information management at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science located at QMUL. His outstanding work led to the first academic research publication aimed to prove profitability. This is because profitability is consistent for future results of matches against the football gambling market. The EPSRC funded this research.

Anthony Constantinou is also a fellow of post-doctoral research with the Violence Prevention Research Unit from Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine. He is developing currently models of Bayesian network for management of risk and assessment of risk of violent re-offence with the assistance of domain specialists.

The NIHR is funding this research and one of the principal objectives of this task is for a decision backup system of adequate complexity that can quantify properly uncertainty and enhance risk management of violent recidivism via different interventions.

AnthonyConstantinou has a large expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent decision making, knowledge engineering, decision backup systems, management of risk, assessment of risk, and Bayesian interference.