Anthony Constantinou made deep research on A.I. probabilistic methods, principally Bayesian networks for intelligent decision making, management of risk, assessment of risk, and prediction. Anthony Constantinou has deep experience applying these probabilistic techniques in various areas encompassing gaming, sports, preventive medicine, robotics, and economic gambling.

Constantinou worked with prominent professors such as Martin Neil and Norman Fenton to develop a new model of Bayesian network (BN) for forecasting football match results. Up to day, the predictions are published online.

Anthony Constantinou worked with these professors during his studies with the research group of risk and information management at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science located at QMUL. His outstanding work led to the first academic research publication aimed to prove profitability. This is because profitability is consistent for future results of matches against the football gambling market. The EPSRC funded this research.

Anthony Constantinou is also a fellow of post-doctoral research with the Violence Prevention Research Unit from Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine. He is developing currently models of Bayesian network for management of risk and assessment of risk of violent re-offence with the assistance of domain specialists.

The NIHR is funding this research and one of the principal objectives of this task is for a decision backup system of adequate complexity that can quantify properly uncertainty and enhance risk management of violent recidivism via different interventions.

AnthonyConstantinou has a large expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent decision making, knowledge engineering, decision backup systems, management of risk, assessment of risk, and Bayesian interference.


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